Who is the golf nomad and what is he doing?

I’ll level with you all. I’ve only been playing golf for one year, I borrowed a set of my father in law’s Palm Springs irons and bought myself a £15 Dunlop driver, last March (2011). I’m not a member of a club. I don’t have a handicap and love a good 2-4-1 voucher to avoid extortionate green fees!

Dave Holcroft - GolfNomad.co.uk Golf Blog

I’m not yet fully acquainted with the rules (I got a rulebook for Christmas, so I’m on to it!), I’m not mega comfortable donning Davis Love III style plus 4’s or having to wear a tie in the club house. I love the game, less so the stuffy stuff!


I love golf so much I’ve decided to set up this website to chart my progress in this fantastically challenging, at times rewarding, intermittently frustrating, endorphin boosting sport.

I thought I’d call myself the golf nomad because I spent a lot of my life backpacking around the globe, but similarly in the small amount of golf I’ve played thus far, they have been on very different courses. So, in behaviour closely related to that of a nomadic tribesman,  I suppose you could say I’m nomadically wandering around golf courses in the UK with a set of knackered clubs (as opposed to a camel and a canvas tent). I also keep a Google Plus Profile page which has further links to other pieces of work I’ve written over the years…