I’ve tried repeatedly to master the fairway wood off the deck and I still haven’t nailed it. D espite a lot of topped shots trundling 50 yards and embarrassing divet digging, I still keep a 5 wood in my bag and lug it round with me, hole after hole, on the off chance I’ll be presented with a lie on a fairway or semi rough with the ball ‘sitting’ up so I benefit from the luxury of a natural tee. The reason the club is in my bag is for those long par 4’s and beastly par 5’s of 500+ yards. Common sense right?

trying to hit a fairway wood

trying to hit a fairway wood

I know the sensible shot (presuming the lie is appropriate) for that 2nd approach to the green after a monster drive is usually a fairway 3 or 5 wood. If executed well, 200 yards will be eaten up quite nicely and then the short iron or PW comes out and the game gets comfortable again. HOWEVER! After too many disasters and score card butchering sessions I’m now a bag of nerves when a fairway wood opportunity presents itself. If I’m ‘on’ for a good medal round score I’ll now plump for the usually more tricky 4 iron (TaylorMade Burner Plus) because I play so much more confidently with it. I can hit the ball straight and so sacrifice the extra yardage a fairway wood would have provided.

I’ve been told by various fairway wood users (they feel like a different breed of golfer at the moment if I’m honest) that I need to adopt a sweeping motion and place the ball position inside my left heel (akin to the driver stance) and due to the length of the shaft stand a bit further away from the ball…I do this and still, perhaps due to the anxiety in my swing, I rarely get a solid, sweet contact with the pesky ball. I’d say my success rate of ‘nailing’ a 200+ yard fairway wood shot is 1 in 5, but when I connect, it’s like the elation of a hole in one. I’ve been trawling youtube for tips and advice and I’ll certainly be asking a PGA coach to talk me through such a common shot next time I’m having a lesson. I’m trying to ‘sweep’ but failing miserably. Can anybody offer any advice or drills?! IS this guy talking sense?

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  1. Mark Simmons

    I used to be the same until 2 things happened. Firstly instead of hitting it off the left heel I moved the ball back to halfway between left heel and centre of stance. Secondly, I got fitted for a new 3 and 5 woods (Adams), now they fly. But don’t try to smash them like a driver, gentle is best.

    • GolfNomad

      Yep, thanks Mark. I’ve come on a bit since writing this post but I have to admit I still like the ball to be ‘sitting up’. I take your point about getting fitted.


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