Just a quick post to announce that I’ve just signed up to Today’s Golfer’s Handicap Calculator service. It’s quite good and easy to use as it already has over 1000 course scorecards preloaded into its system. They consist of white, red and yellow tees and allows you to do additional analysis of your drives, approach shots and putts.

Todays Golfer

Thankfully I now don’t have to wait to save up tonnes of cash, join a club and then hand in 3 scorecards to decipher a handicap. Well! I’ve already established one thanks to Today’s Golfer (other services are available). I entered 5 scoredcards at Dean Wood (Wigan), Nefyn (Gwynedd) and Frodsham (Cheshire) and went to the ‘Your Handicap’ section and as if by magic there it was. According to Today’s Golfer I am now a golfer with a handicap of 23. There were some wild shots in all the rounds I entered and I’m still classing myself as a novice. I don’t yet think I’ve played a dozen 18 hole rounds yet…but the summer is still young!

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  1. The Caldy Eagle

    Anyone who can get a birdie on the par 5 7th at Royal Caldy Golf Club does not play off a 23 handicap!!

    Do you get a certificate or card with the handicap on? Some courses on the continent require that you have proof of handicap.

    • GolfNomad

      Yeah, I’m hitting birdies and pars on most courses I play, what you havent mentioned there is how I ‘butcher’ other holes and ruin a medal score.
      Not got a certificate yet so I guess its not that official. My father-in-law and his golfing pals seem to want me to play off 18, not 23, can’t think why but he does love playing Stableford!


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