As my readers probably know by now, I’m a relative newcomer to the world of golf and have been without a handicap. However, since submitting 3 cards over the past 2 months, the club handicapping team have awarded me a handicap of 22 (CONGU approved of course!).

Wet, windswept springtime golfing conditions at Nefyn GC

My expression for most of the front 9 - a golfing drowned rat

Now mathematics has never been my strong point but I don’t think I could ever be a handicap secretary. It sounds like a confusion array of ‘rules’ you have to stick to in order to figure out someone’s handicap so I’ll just trust it! I’m told they discount any horrendous holes and instead focus on how you scored on the more difficult stroke index 1 – 5 holes.

On 2 of my 3 rounds I par’d the stroke index 15th at Nefyn (before proceeding to ‘shank’ my drive on the 16th!), this undoubtedly gave my cards a bit of credibility, I’d par’d 4 other holes and hit a birdie on the 8th (if you catch the slope with your drive, you’ve virtually driven the green). Every golfer loves the ‘if’ scenario and I’ll play my part now. Basically, my first 2 rounds were played in 28mph winds, making the big long par 5 4th hole along the stunning Llyn Peninsula coastline and absolute nightmare.

The long par 5 4th alongside the Llyn Peninsula coastline at Nefyn GC

I went left, then found a bunker to score a 9 (twice!)

I overcompensated my drive to the ‘safe left’ then proceeded to find some boggy marsh with 150 yards to go (took 2 gardening shots to escape) before plopping into a slushy rain sodden bunker with an horrific lie (and took 2 to get out). On both occasions I ended up with a 9. I wonder what Mr Handicap Secretary would have given me if those 9’s weren’t present on my card.

Anyway, its probably a good thing I’m off 22 to start with, not that I plan on being a golf bandit but I’ll have a better chance in competitions off 22 and I can gain great self esteem and golfing confidence each time I chip away at the 22 handicap. I’m told I play like an 18 handicapper which I suppose would be nice, as that’s nice and easy maths at 1 shot per hole when playing stableford!

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