I’ve just played my first round with a brand new set of TaylorMade Burner Plus irons and I have to say they’re very forgiving and seem to compliment my swing and height. Accuracy and ‘straightness’ (if that’s a word!) improved but my favourite club, the pitching wedge, will take some getting used to. Having had a few lessons from John Froome, the pro at Nefyn Golf Club in North Wales, he suggested it might be wise to invest in a new set of irons given my growing thirst for the game and the potential improvement a new set of ‘sticks’ could deliver. So as it was recently my birthday, plus we’d just had a newborn baby girl, I thought I’d celebrate by splashing out on a new Odyssey putter and a set of irons, from 4 iron through to sand wedge!


The Taylor Made Burners

My old set was  a rust gathering collection of Palm Springs irons (kindly donated by my father-in-law) which according to Mr Froome were a little on the short side. As I’m 6ft, I wasn’t doing myself any favours having to compensate for these shorter clubs by widening my stance a lot more. Also my putter was also a hand-me-down from my father-in-law, a Bronte Bandito which was quite difficult to judge the weight with. Its the old classic saying that a 2 inch putt is worth as many shots as a 250 yard drive and with my ability to 3 putt I thought it wise to invest in a putter too.

So without bashing a few balls on the driving range I tagged along with a family friend on his weekly Friday afternoon round at Dean Wood Golf Club in Up Holland near Wigan, a classic parkland course with trees a plenty! In summary I hit 8 bogeys, no pars and no birdies and failed to break 100 due to a shocking performance in trying to scale a vertical bunker wall on the 17th, sadly shit happens. Had that 8 on the 17th not have been on my card I’d have been happy with my score with a new set of irons and a new putter.

Next day I went to the driving range and familiarised myself a little more with my irons. Talk about doing things the wrong way round! I’m also working on my fairway woods off the deck, very tricky. According to countless youtube video’s I need to be hitting a fairway wood ‘on the down’ and not pointing my left shoulder up (like with a driver) and putting the ball forward in my stance…but hey, hitting fairway woods off the deck is very important to that 2nd shot on a par 5 so that’s a new blog post entirely!

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