When thinking about a golf destination, Italy may not pop up as a great destination for golfing, but you will be amazed at the options. It may be known for all its incredible beauty, fine cuisine, delicious wines, dramatic coastlines and gorgeous cities soaked up in history but not for golfing. However if you are looking for picturesque backdrops for when you tee off, this is the country to rush to.

Circolo Golf Venezia Italy

Circolo Golf Venezia Italy

You will find golf courses all across Italy; some are mature Golf clubs around major cities such as Milan and Milan and recently designed courses bearing huge designer names such as Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Arnold Palmer. Most of the new courses blossoming under the Italian sun remain a secret to many and have only been discovered the intrepid golfers.  This means that during the mid week you have an incredible choice of the best courses to tee off!

There are also wonderful locations to choose from on Italy golf holidays; Tuscany, The Great Lakes Region, Sardinia and Sicily. Each region has its own unique courses and full of other remarkable things to see and do when off the course.


Morocco is a great destination for any type of holiday including golf holidays. It is the closest part of Africa to Europe and is an amazing melting pot of cultures, history and races. Its variety of landscapes, its people and its cities make Morocco a palace of endless possibilities.

Amelkis Golf Course near Marrakesh

What an amazing backdrop!

Morocco is an unusual golfing destination that is surprisingly thriving, it is in fact one of the few places in the world where golf is actually growing at an impressive rate. Golf courses are actually being put up all across Morocco at a faster rate than in any other place in the world.

There are many stunning places to tee off and also indulge in other activities. Marrakech is the bustling capital ideal for a summer and golf escape. It has several courses just within reach and also golf resorts with their own courses. Morocco golf holidays will be memorable and exciting as you soak up in local colors and flavors that will leave an indelible mark in your senses.


France is such a delightful destination for holidays and still represents the best value for golfing breaks in Europe. The regional variety and differences in France gives you numerous golfing destinations in pristine locations, particularly since being announced to host the Ryder Cup.

Le Golf National Course near Paris

Le Golf National Course near Paris

There are well designed and neatly groomed courses littered all across France that will give you an exciting golfing experience. Around the glamorous cities you will find charming traditional golf courses, when you delve deeper into the fertile countryside you will find stylish modern clubhouses abound with similarly styled golf courses.

Golf is somewhat undiscovered in most of France and Green Fees are of great value and the golf courses are hardly ever busy. If you can play mid week you can enjoy your time is some of the most exquisite courses in Frances at an affordable fee.

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