Ever get tired of playing the same courses each Sunday afternoon? Or do you ever feel the urge to play a scene out of a movie and tee off from the roof of some downtown building? With one of the latest trends in golfing, urban golf is the solution.

urban golf in holland

Driving through the streets has a whole new meaning!

Urban golf is essentially just like playing a regular golf game, but instead of on a green, it’s played in a city. Often in a deserted or abandoned area, the only rule in urban golf is safety first. With that in mind, you very well may be playing not with a golf ball, but a tennis ball. And instead of putting into a hole, you may just have to hit a target instead.

So, what’s the appeal?

Urban golf started out as a reaction against & social commentary on traditional golfing. Golf is sometimes seen as an exclusive or selective sport, but with urban golf, any place could be your green and any object your golf ball. With some of the biggest limitations for the game gone, urban golf is seen as more accessible than traditional golf. Plus, you get to tee off in abandoned city streets or even more unusual landscapes. Better than a bogey on the same old green. With urban golf clubs and courses in cities from San Francisco to London, the options are limitless. And will only get more interesting, unique and even extreme as the trend continues.

How to find an Urban Golf game near you

With urban golf “games”, golf isn’t about the weekends anymore. Many cities from London to San Francisco host urban golf events. In San Francisco, Urban-Golf.org even tries to emphasize the laid-back atmosphere of an urban golf game, encouraging participants to wear “visually violent golf outfits.” Perish the thought!

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  1. Robert Peterson

    You can now play urbangolf everywhere. They are competing in nearly every country in the world now. Some call it crossgolf, others streetgolf or urbangolf. It's all good.


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